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Motor Trike, Inc. manufactures conversions that transform two-wheeled motorcycles into three-wheeled trikes. Motor Trike is one of the nation’s leading trike conversion manufacturers. In the powersports industry, a trike is a motorcycle that promises the thrill of the wind in your face, while also offering the stability and comfort of riding on three wheels.

Our Beginnings

Motor Trike, Inc. began in 1994 with two employees in a quaint 1,800-square foot facility in downtown Troup, Texas. We moved to our present location in May, 1995. Our current location was once an old meat packing plant, made up of a 12,000 square foot facility on three acres of land. Over the 28 years in this location, we have undergone nine expansions and now function in 108,000-square feet of operating space on 75 acres. Our manufacturing plant has two sub-assembly lines, three robotic welders, and fifteen downdraft paint and prep booths.

Our Products

We specialize in converting Honda, Harley Davidson, Indian, Victory, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Triumph, and Yamaha motorcycles into trikes. With a network of over 250 dealers it’s easy to find a dealer near you to purchase your trike conversion kit and have it expertly installed.

Our Experience

Our products are developed in-house by an exceptional team of engineers with vast knowledge and experience in suspension and chassis design. This experience comes from work on one NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship, three Road & Track Formula SAE Shootout victories, and the creation, design, and manufacturing of the Thoroughbred Motorsports Stallion. We believe that this gives us a level of expertise unmatched by anyone else in the trike industry. We are proud of their accomplishments and confident that you will be pleased with the results of their efforts throughout our product line of trikes, trailers, Stallions, and accessories.

Our Tradition

As a family-owned and operated company, we take pride in the work we do and the products that we make. Motor Trike is a true manufacturing facility, not just a trike parts assembly plant. We are open Monday to Thursday from 8 am - 5 pm CST. We encourage you to visit our plant at any time to witness firsthand how our exceptional team of people create, design, and manufacture the trike conversions that you will be proud to ride.

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