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18 Dec 2023

The fit and finish of the gladiator kit for my 2020 Harley Davidson road Glide is excellent. The ride and handling are far superior to that of a solid axel trike. I am very pleased with the finished product. I have an electric reverse and it jerks a little on start and drops my battery voltage.

Ben Johnstone
05 Dec 2023

I want to give a big shout out to these guys. Dream Machines of Austin had a customer of ours buy a pre owned Goldwing Trike. Upon inspection of the trike our technician stated that there is a bad shake at 60mph and over. The technician replaced the steering head bearings hoping that that would fix the issue, well it did not. After further inspection of the trike we decided to schedule an appointment with the folks. We arrive at our scheduled time for our appointment and the guys started looking at the trike right away. Within less than 30 minutes they found what the problem was, fixed it as well as adjusted the parking brake. They did all of this at no charge! These are top notch folks! If you need repairs or are looking to convert your motorcycle to a MotoTrike I highly recommend you reach out to these guys, they are honest and will treat you right. Keep doing what ya'll are doing there, we really appreciate it!

Dream Machines of Austin
04 Aug 2023

I had my 2004 Harley Davidson Ultra classic converted to the Gladiator it is even better than I could have imagined. Color match is perfect, and the ride is just great. I had the conversion done by Randy's Cycle in Marengo Il which was recommended by Motor Trike, and they were great. First class insulation and service. Thank you, Motor Trike, and Randy for the great ride.

James Hartford
01 Apr 2023

Got my trike conversion in 2018/love it as much now as then/my 2018 Sports Glide is fun again I'm 75 yrs old also and started worrying about balance but thing of the past. Thanks Motor Trike/keep up the good work.

Jack Anderson
02 Dec 2022

Just had my 2014 Street Glide converted to the Gladiator. Trikes by Rodney in Zanesville Ohio did the work. Awesome! Have had nothing but compliments. Cody was great. He does most of the work by himself with help with the heavy lifting. Lead time for the kit was a little over two months. Color match is perfect for a Daytona Blue metallic! Only problem with work and weather late in the season have not had a chance to ride much. Two of my friends had the conversion done on a Gold Wing and an Indian. The work and the look are totally professional I am 75 and have not really had balance issues but now I do not have to worry about it!!

Pat Maloney
09 Sep 2022

Took my 12 year old MotorTrike in for maint. These guys are great. They deserve your business. What I figured would cost $3500 cost less than $1100 12 years riding for about $85 a year. You can’t beat that Service was even better Mechanic was the best ever. You can pay more money for another brand but you will never get the quality and dependable service of a MotorTrike

Gerry Hamlett
03 Sep 2022

Just wanted to say I love the kit, but wanted to add that the 6-degree tree is a definite must do. Tried my bike without installing it and it was unbearable. My buddy had done his at install, and I thought, try it without, to save money, totally wrong. 100% better with the tree conversion. My bike was a 2014 ultra classic.

Larry Martin
03 May 2022

Customer Service here is top notch! Not only was the conversion work performed in a stellar fashion, but when Honda Dealer said certain service work adjustments needed to be done by Motor Trike because they were the last to touch the bike (when they did the conversion), Motor Trike stepped up and took care of things. I very much appreciate the service provided.

David Wesson
08 Feb 2022

Frank Dog like Harley's Frank Dog like more wheels Frank Dog is happy with purchase.

Frank Dog
11 Mar 2021

I was getting concerned about riding my '15 Goldwing F6B especially with my wife on the back. Being a 60-something rider on an 850 lb bike and two people had me stressed when I had to maneuver the weight. I made the decision to convert to a Motor Trike after speaking with my dealer who sold me the bike a few years ago. I could not be happier with the result, a solid piece of machinery, beautifully matched to my dream bike. I now have no worries and can plan on riding for years to come. Thank you Motor Trike and special thanks for Burgers Motorcycle in NJ for keeping my dream alive!

Scott G.
02 Sep 2020

Absolutely love Motortrike, they go the extra mile Recently had trouble with a vibration on my 2015 Razor Motortrike and hauled it to closest Motortrike dealer. After getting the run around for over a month I reached out to Motortrike and relayed my frustrations with the dealer. Who by the way told me they couldn't reach anyone at Motortrike. I come to find out that Motortrike had multiple calls onto the dealership and never received any calls back. Motortrike attempted to help me when their dealer failed in so many ways. Upon Motortrike's recommendation I picked up bike and delivered it to another dealer and immediately was told it was most likely the CV joint. First dealer didn't even look at bike and tried to sell me a complete rear end. I truly appreciate Motortrike's help in getting my issue taken care of.

Gary Y.
02 Dec 2019

Hello, WOW!!!!! what a Great Trike Kit. In 1995 my wife and I had a Motor Trike kit put on our 1990 Honda Goldwing SE, by Richard, with 73,000 miles on it at that time, it now has 165,764 wonderful trouble free miles on it and its not even broke in good yet. Best thing we ever did, and would do it again quickly, a very nice and great ride, we really like it a lot. We are very thankful for all of you at Motor Trike for producing a very good , and very nice looking product. Our Many thanks again, God Bless you all, Craig & Nita H. 12-2-19

Craig H.
16 Aug 2019

I had a exhaust issue and took my Condor to Motor Trike in Troup Texas and they fixed my problem in a short time.. The people were very helpful and made you feel like they appreciate you.. Love my Condor and it get a lot of compliments .. I had a Razor before this Condor and if I buy another trike it will be a Motor Trike.. Thank you Motor Trike....

Darrell G.
05 Jun 2019

2004 Harley Road King was converted to a Motor Trike by DC Cycle and Racing in Red Bay Alabama. have 23,000miles on it since converted. have over 365,000 miles on two wheels. there is minimal difference in the riding experience between the two. Motor Trike is the best!!!!!!!

Jack M.
15 Nov 2018

I ordered my kit,back in dec 2017,figured wouldnt get it till after the first of the year,imagine my surprize,when on dec 12th it arrived at honda of winston-salem..Hats off to steveo,,had it installed and I was riding by dec 20th.took a while to get used to it as I had never ridden one,but due to health problems i didnt feel secure on two wheels anymore...After getting the air in the suspension the way i liked ,which is 35 pounds,as im a tall guy and weigh 300 pounds,...and also run nitrogen in all three tires,.also have the motortrike rake kit and the cobra trike specific front tire,...Man what a smooth ride,at any speed.have had it up to 80 mph a few times and its smooth as silk...willnever ever go back to two wheels..by the way im 68 years old and looking forward to riding another 32 years or more lol.I highly recommend the motortrike kit as it doesnt add any signicant length or width to the wheelbase,thanks motortrike

Jack M.
10 Apr 2018

My wife and I are new to the trike world. We both were very hesitant to convert our 2010 Gold wing to a Trike. We talked to a lot of people about the transition. We Contacted Motor Trike, and in visiting with the technician he put all of our concerns to rest. As we have gotten older, we dropped our bike numerous times. Now that we have made the change, we have been very pleased with the outcome. Motor Trike was extremely helpful. The end result was every thing that we expected. We are very pleased at the quality of the change. Thank You Motor Trike

Paul Jay
23 Dec 2015

I was coming back from East Texas when I got to DallasTexas my universal joint went out . doing about 60 mph, (not funny) I call the Honda dealer around Dallas they couldn't help, went to Tyler, Texas saw this p/u truck with motor trike decals , I follow him to his house. He gave Richard Ph. number in Troupe ,Tx. I call Richard he ask me about my trike, then he sent me a new drive shaft with both universal joint at no Chg. not even for shipping. what else could I say Motor Trike and employee they stand behind their product , (God Bless Them)

Cowboy Astran
10 Nov 2015

To Richard, the Service Dept, and all the other great employees at Motor Trike. I would like to share the experience I had with the fine people at the factory in Troup TX. I was on my way from Punxsutawney PA to Galveston Tx to attend the Lone Star Rally when the bearings and aluminum carrier went out on my Harley trike in Tennessee. I loaded the bike on a trailer and headed for Troup Tx. I was hoping they could help me in some way. It was Sunday so I was unable to contact them. On Monday morning, I called and a nice fellow named Richard answered the phone. He said "yes, they would help me". Arrived at 3 pm, and by 3:30 the trike was on the rake and torn completely down. They really stood behind their product. They sent me on my way in less than 24 hrs. Richard, the mechanics and everyone involved couldn't do enough. They even provided me with a discount for a motel in Tyler Tx. Service is what makes a great product better. Motor Trike is both. I left them with a heartfelt "God Bless Texas". Thank You, Frank

22 Sep 2015

Hi, it did happen again on the other side. The CV boot on the left side started loosing grease and a brand new universal joint was installed at Goulet Motorsports ,on warranty, at no cost from MotorTrike. Great support from Motortrike and always a super job by Robert Thuot ( finally got your name right, sorry Bob). Probably a bad batch of rubber on those because the joint itself was not at cause. Ready again to ride into the sunset. Pour les francophones : La situation s'est répété sur l'autre coté et la botte de caoutchouc gauche s'est ouverte sur le cardan. Un cardan neuf a été installé chez Goulet MotoSports, sur la garantie, sans aucun frais de MotorTrike. Excellent support de MotorTrike en ce qui concerne la garantie et encore une fois du super travail de la part de Robert Thuot ( Bob ) ( j'ai finalement réussi à citer ton nom correctement, mes excuses). Probablement, une série de bottes de cardan avec du mauvais caoutchouc parce que le cardan n"était pas en cause dans les les 2 cas. Prët à foncer de nouveau dans le soleil couchant.

Yvan P. Turcotte
19 Sep 2015

Just finished installing a Motor Trike reverse drive on my 2012 Tri Glide. Instructions were very easy to follow and very detailed! Can't wait to take it out. Thanks!

08 Sep 2015

Hi Guys, I'd like to share with all the riders my recent experience with the service after sales of MotorTrike and it's affiliated distributors. On August 28, I went in to have a 12,500 km performed on my Adventure kit at Goulet MotoSports in Ste-Thérèse in Quebec. As usual, Mr. Robert Tout ( Bob) performed the inspection an everything was fine until bob told me there was a small problem. The right balljoint rubber cover was cracked and a good part of the grease had found it's way outside of the rubber boot. Bob called and I was expecting that they would send another boot but to my surprise, the response was that a brand new ball joint would be furnished at no cost by MotorTrike. Now in life, timing is everything. Friday, the 04 of September, I had in the plan, for my wife and me, 4 days of riding in New-York,Vermont and Massachusetts with a group of 25 other Goldwing owners. Time was very short and the part being shipped from Texas was not guaranteed to be available in time for my departure so cancellation was a definite possibility ( Hotels, Goldwing Quebec group, the kennel for my britany dog, ... my wife ). Thursday on the 03, at 16:00 check call with Isabelle at Goulet and no sign of the the ball joint part. I proceeded with cancellations and the wife. Next morning, 09:00 a check at Goulet and still no sign so hitting golf balls at the range seems like a weekend activity. Around 09:40, Isabelle calls and tells me that she has a ball joint for me and that Bob is at my disposition whenever I bring the Goldwing to their facility. I get on the phone, do the whole reservation scenario again and by 11:15 I drive at Goulets and Bob immediately gets to business with the replacement job. At noon time, he hasn't finished yet but he keeps on trucking and by 12:30 I drive away with my Goldwing trike. I really did appreciate the fact that even it was lunchtime, Bob kept on working to accommodate me, a real pro. We went and had a fantastic beautiful weekend in those states riding 1400 km in superb scenery and perfect roads for motorcycles. Thanks to MotorTrike for a speedy and most appreciated after sales service and also a real good performance on backing their warranty on their product. You're a good company to do business with. The same goes for Goulet MotoSport in Ste-Thérèse which does proud to the MotorTrike name and reputation. In less than a year, I have over 14,000 km on my MotorTrike kit and as far as I'm concerned there's no other way to ride. My wife who had no intention to ever ride a motorcycle has now over 4,000 km of riding with me and she loves it. Foot note : As we were riding in the Indian Trail in Massachusetts, another trike exactly like mine, Goldwing, candy red and an Aventure kit join the back of our group for about 60 km. The rider Ms Donna Hall, speaking to me, after joining us at a halt in the ride, casually inform me that even though the warranty was over for a few years, MotorTrike has always replaced parts of her Adventure kit and recently at that, with never any costs to her. That speaks a lot.

Yvan P. Turcotte
16 Aug 2015

We highly recommend Bill Shaver of Lazy Dawg Motortrikes. They are honest, fast, and all staff are great. They take time to answer all your questions and make sure you are happy and understand everything. Very trustworthy. Our Trike looks awsome too !

Gerald Brown
03 Aug 2015

I would like to thank Jeff at the Sturgis Rally for his professional service and knowledge of the Motor Trike. I took my trike to the rally from Helena, Montana to be repaired. With the help of Jeff and Jonathan the mechanic my problem was taken care of. Thank You for being there. Santos Dela Cruz

Santos Dela Cruz
24 Jul 2015

I just picked up my trike conversion at Burger's in Three Bridges, NJ a week ago. The whole process was excellent and Wayne was very knowledgeable and informative about the trike and its operation. Burger's has always been the best place to buy a motorcycle. I had the Motor Trike Gladiator kit installed on my '09 Ultra Classic and it not only looks beautiful, it rides and handles great. I have owned and have been riding Gold Wings and Harley Ultra Classics for over 30 years and I was ready to try a trike. I don't know why I waited so long. The only comment I would make is that the electric reverse option on the Motor Trike kit should be slowed down to compare with that either on the Gold Wing or on Harley's trike. It still is a great ride on an impressive looking machine. Bob Sullivan

Bob Sullivan
02 Jul 2015

I want to thank Jeff for the help he gave me while I was in Daytona for rally. I have the Honda Gold Wing trike, andwanted the heel and toe floor boards for 95. You sent me to Riley's Bikr & Trike in Mebane, NC. He was great! So thanks again; he will be my go to guy from now on.

john wayne barham
14 Jun 2015

I have been thinking about a Trike for a couple of years. I am 65 years old and have been having issues with stability at slow speed and did not want to wait till I dropped it and hurt me or my wife. I first saw the Motor Trike at Daytona and loved the look. I talked with Manfred from the Haus Of Trikes who offered me a test ride. I liked it but was still reluctant (I think I was worried what others would think). I did a lot of research, talked with the people at Motor Trike, took 2 more test rides and took the plunge. The order took a little longer than advertised, the install took a few days extra too. It was well worth the wait. What a beautiful bike it is. Within a week of taking delivery I took a trip with friends, 2400 miles thru the mountains, I love the bike, no comments about riding a Trike from my friends, my only regret is I waited so long! Motor Trike is a well engineered, beautiful machine and a real pleasure to ride!!! Thanks Motor Trike

Jack Sapp
19 May 2015

Hi Guys, I bought an Adventure kit for my 2004 Honda Goldwing 1800A last autumn from Goulet MotoSports, in Ste-Thérèse, Quebec and I already have 4,000 km with it and I'm extremely satisfied. The installation was very well done and I'm often asked if I bought the Trike brand new and what year is it. It does speak a lot for the quality of your product and the nice work that the Goulet MotoSport team does. Last week, i had Goulet install a 4.5 degrees MotorTrike Rake on the front fork. At the same time, I changed the front tire ( Dunlop A3 ) for a Michelin Pilot Active rear tire mounted in reverse rotation. I also got the balancing of the Michelin done with Dyna Beads( 2 onces ). Wow, what a wonderful motorcycle do I have right now. I did ride it for 1,100 km and it's a .... beauty. I can't say enough for the nice work that Robert Tuot ( Bob ) did on my Trike, initial installation and the Rake. Bob is a real professional and a pleasure to deal with. Also on the sales team, Mr. Jean-Claude Laurier is a man who sticks to his word. If he agrees to something, it will be done as he has spoken to you. As far as I'm concerned, Jean-Claude has come through every time we did a deal together. As a footnote, when I decided to go for a Trike last year, I did check around and 3 competitors ( Nadon Sports, Motos Illimitées, Motos International ) all told me to deal with Goulet MotoSports for a Trike installation. Enough said. Pour les francophones, j'ai fait installer un kit MotorTrike Adventure l'année passée sur une ma Honda Goldwing 1800A 2004 et je suis extrêmement satisfait. Tenue de route , apparence, stabilité , qualité du produit, service sans faille de Goulet MotoSports à Ste-Thérèse, etc, ... etc .Je me fais demander souvent de quelle année est ma Honda et est-ce que j'ai acheté la moto en Trike à l"état neuf et en quelle année. Je l'avais fait monter l'année passée sans mettre un Rake et après 3,000 km, j' ai décidé d'ajouter le Rake MotorTrike de 4.5 degrées, la semaine passée. J'ai aussi changer le pneu avant ( Dunlop A3 ) pour un pneu arrière Michelin Pilot Active en rotation inversée et j'ai effectué le balancement avec des Dyna Beads ( 2 onces ). Ayoye, quelle machine j'ai dans les mains présentement. C'est de toute beauté. Les forces nécessaires sur les poignées dans les virages serrés 40/70 km ont diminuées de 50/60 %. On peu comparer à une direction assistée ( power steering ). Tenue de route avec le Michelin ... exceptionnelle. J'ai fait 1,100 km dans les derniers jours, en condition sèche et humide et ça tient la route comme un charme en ligne droite ou en virage serré. Je ne peux pas faire autrement de remarquer le travail professionnel de Mr. Robert Tout ( Bob ) qui a fait l'installation initiale et celle du Rake. De plus, Bob est un un vrai gentilhomme et c'est un plaisir d'échanger avec lui. Il connait les Trikes. Du coté des ventes, j'ai négocier continuellement avec Mr. Jean-Claude Laurier et à chaque fois qu'on s'est mis d'accord ensemble, Jean-Claude a respecté sa parole. S'il vous promets une chose, il va le faire. Je ne puis rien ajouté de plus. En addition, Goulet m'avait été recommandé par 3 compétiteurs différents pour l'installation d'un Trike. Ça dit beaucoup.

Yvan P. Turcotte
11 May 2015

I just pickup my 2003 Gl1800 from Red Barn Trike in Riceboro Ga. Troy installed the razor kit on black goldwing. The job he did was outstanding and I would recommend him to anyone who is thinking about triking their Goldwing. Very honest takes pride in his work and the end results you can tell he is a outstanding dealer. Pickup dated was May 9 2015

James Poppell
11 May 2015

Mid ohio Harley- Dav,Took my 207 harley down to have it trike kit installed Was not sure what i wanted . i had problem after my cancer to ride my bike,my wife and i were not ready to stop riding. so the trike was the answer. I set down withBrian Cabbaga of mid - ohio harley . I spent 4hr going over everything ,And he directed me in the right direction.They did my bike and did every thing they said they they were going to do.Any extra cost ,they would call and get my ok.They kept me inform on the progress along the way. We picked up the trike and it was ausome. My wife just loved it . the first time we took it for a ride we can home 6 hr later. We love it. The conversion was done perfectly the paint was perfect. The service dept did great job. My age is 70 not ready to quit. Thanks, Buzz Keaton.

Buzz Kearon
27 Jan 2015

After not riding for over 30 years, I purchased a 1998 Honda Goldwing GL1500SE. I had a few "instances" with cornering in gravel over the summer and decided to look in to converting the bike to a trike for a safer ride. After weeks of "online research" comparing brands, I chose the Motor Trike Phoenix. Upon receiving a brochure within a few days and subsequent conversation's with Brad LaPoint at Mid-State Trikes I made the decision for the conversion. I have nothing but great things to say about Brad, his attention to detail, enthusiasm for the product and willingness to accept calls, emails, visits to his shop and text's during the conversion was unprecedented. I will definitely recommend Motor Trike and specifically Mid-State Trikes. I haven't had the chance to ride yet because Winter is here in Central New York but I'm looking forward to a much safer, more comfortable ride when I get on the road in the Spring.

Al Desautels Jr.
24 Nov 2014

Hi Guys just got an Adventure Motor Trike kit installed on my Honda Goldwing 2004 about a month ago. Got 900 km out of it before the deep freeze caught up to me ( Canada). So far all I can say is you people make an excellent product. The ride is smooth, solid with superb tracking on the road and the bike looks awesome. Your dealer, Goulet MotorSport in Ste-Therese did a nice job with this modification and the bike looks like it came out of the Honda line as a trike. Being in my mid-sixty for age, I"ll probably go with a 4.5 degrees rake installation next spring as the handle bars do get a bit heavy in tight turns at 60 km +. This was to be expected and I'd probably wouldn't bother if I was 10 years younger. To sum it up, great product, good ride and superb look !!!! Yvan

Yvan P. Turcotte
24 Oct 2014

I rode a Motor Trike conversion Honda Valkyrie for over three years and a Stallion for over two years and if my health had allowed me I would still be riding today. The trike is the safest of all times, stopping ability is 10 times faster than a two wheel and an excellent ride. I rode my Valkyrie from Katy, TX. to Cincinnati, OH and returned without incident. Beautiful ride, only way to go.

Tyler Kirkpatrick
17 Aug 2014

I have been a motorcycle rider for many years. I owned an 1800 Goldwing with 79,000 miles when I decided to go to the Stallion. I am a truck driver and see all the potholes and they scare me on two wheels. So that is why I bought a 2013 stallion and my wife and I love it. It is so stable and I no longer have to look for tar stripes in the rain. Nor do i watch for sand or gravel in the corners and don't werie about pothole nearly as much. This bike handles great and it still is a bike--not 4 wheels. The big wheels--16 inch front tire--are great on potholes. The only problem is it just wants to go too fast! Thanks.

Henry DeKock
07 Aug 2014

While at the 2014 Sturgis rally we had some drive train problems with our Goldwing 1800 Motortrike conversion. We got it to the Motortrike site and they got a mechanic on it right away and got us up and rrunning in no time, all at no cost to us. Their customer service is great, and we love the conversion. Unfortunately, my wife saw the 2014 Razor while at Sturgis and now wants to trade.

Keith Mehlin
18 Jun 2014

Hello my name is George Golden. I had GT Motorcycle install one of your trike kits. First off I love the trike kit. GT Motorcycle professionalism was outstanding. He answered all of my questions and informed me about the motor trike kit which resulted in me purchasing it. Outstanding job and highly recommended to anyone thinking of upgrading to a trike kit. Rated your trike kit at 5 stars! Thank You!

George G.
20 Apr 2014

To Motor Trike I just had my 2004 Road Glide Triked at Triking your Bike in Billings Mt. the next thing is to get the 6in rake for my front end. I am so glad to have met Jeff and his wife and thrilled to see the professionalism in the work that was done. Jeff worked on my bike like it was his own, in talking with him you can see and hear the excitement and love for the Company that he is associated with. We talk about some day my wife and I would like to see the Factory we have look at the brochure and liked what we have seen it is nice to see that there is a company with integrity. Thank you

Santos Dela Cruz
25 Mar 2014

I have a 2010 harley ultra classic, modified with a motortrike kit, professionally installed. We love it. The only thing I would like to put on is a 4 degree rake kit to help with the steering effort. Also a steering damper would be great. All it takes is money LOL.

Gerry Styan
24 Mar 2014

My wife (Jean) and I (Daniel) happened upon a 2001 gl1800 motor trike by luck. A co worker took care of a older gentleman and he passed away the family just wanted rid of the trike. We looked at it once and bought it. As a retired firefighter with horrible knee's i was getting a bit worried about riding.Then came the Motor Trike. We absolutely love it,what a nice ride and a blast to ride.Screams through the corners and turns on a dime. My friends razz me about it but I know they are just jealous. We love it! Motor Trike was great with us at bike week giving me tons of info and just great staff. If anyone thinks riding a trike is not motorcycling they are wrong. Thank you Motor Trike for a great product. Daniel Huber.

Daniel Huber
27 Feb 2014

Hello All, As I was riding along a couple days ago (34 degrees, 12 MPH cross winds…but sunny) I realized it was because of your great product (and an electric jacket and gloves), that I am able to ride all year and be comfortable and safe. Thank you for a superior product and your help resolving a couple minor problems when I bought my trike used. You guys are a class act.

Dave Raines
27 Feb 2014

I am a left leg amputee above the knee,my old bike was a 1998 road king. With help of your wonderful product and a push button shifter, I am riding again. The wheel chair carrier on the back let's me go anywhere. Again thank you,thank you,thank you!

Steve Bomberger
23 Feb 2014

Hello Motor Trike I sent some photos of my Motor Trike Gladiator, it rides as good as it looks. Dennis and Byron at Day Motorsports did a fantastic job of installing the kit. Byron is the mechanic there, he treated the install like it was his own motorcycle. I can’t say enough about how Byron took care doing the kit install, kudos to Byron. I hope that he (Byron) will someday receive an award from Motor Trike for the work he does on these kits. Thanks Jim Forsythe

Jim Forsythe
19 Feb 2014

In Fall, purchased a low mileage 2008 Stallion Trike; (we're Boomers and wife no longer will sit astride the 2-wheeled types). LOVE the machine; The Motor Trike Company remains as innovative as they are "attentive & responsive" to customer needs. They ALWAYS respond to my questions in a very timely fashion & have not gotten fed-up with me re: ALL my customizing pursuits and queries. Truly, they are a company with a stellar lineage re: innovation and, (as if not more importantly), extremely responsive when it comes to customer service. They remain a vendor I and others will/should consider doing business with... With Reverence, Larry A. Waimon

Larry Waimon
22 Jan 2014

I have had my trike now for a full riding season. I took it in to my own mechanic and he did a few little things and he told me that he has seen a few trikes in his day, but!! I said BUT WHAT? He said that this kit was the BEST he has ever seen! He told me he was impressed with the quality workmanship that he seen on the underside that most of us don't see. My wife and are are going with friends to the East Coast this summer for 3 weeks!! Can't wait! Super glad I own a Phoenix Trike Kit. Thanks to all you folks in Texas that made my trike what it is today!

steve bennett
06 Jan 2014

Dear Jeff, I wanted to thank you and your employees so much for the kindness and hospitality shown to me during my visit to your plant on Monday November 25th. You may remember us talking for a few minutes while Jonathon straightened out some issues I had after getting the bike triked out. He looked over the bike completely and made right the things that were not done correctly. I feel so much better after being there knowing everything is right. I believe you have some great people who truly care about the customer working for you. Bridget and Brandy answered many of my questions before deciding on Motor Trike. I really appreciated the plant tour. Everything was clean and organized. I was leaning toward Motor Trike all along and after the visit, I know I made the right decision. I will and have already been recommending Motor Trike to my friends and coworkers. My 2006 Goldwing Razor rides and looks great . Thanks again for taking care of it. Jerry White

Jerry White
03 Jan 2014

I had a bad prior experience with a solid axle trike several years ago that I had bought used and was totally dissatisfied with it . A friend of mine, Gerald Moore was having his Goldwing triked by Bob Bowman (Superior Trike) and I was invited to visit Bob's shop ,ask all the questions I had, and actually witness the process of the conversion. Several of Bob's customers even offered to let me ride their goldwing's that Bob had converted, ( I had never met these guys before ! ) As a result of the professionalism of Superior Trike, along with Bob Bowman's positive attitude I decided to also have my 08 Goldwing triked wit the Adventure kit . I'm so glad that I met Bob and his customers. Bob went way out of his way to make me feel comfortable and ensure I was well satisfied and above all , "Happy, Happy, Happy . I don't think there is a shop around that cares about the customer more than Superior Trike. I live in Summerville SC and anyone interested can contact me if interested. Jim Lewis

Jim Lewis
02 Jan 2014

Had a Motor Trike conversion installed on my 08 Harley Street Glide about two years ago. My original installer was poor at best. Brought it to Hammers and repairs were made and corrected most all the problems. Recently I had a crack in the fiberglass trunk and again Motor stepped up and made the repairs. My recent contact with one of your dealers was Nichols in Watseka Il. What a great dealer and a real representative for the Motor Trike company. He treated me like I was the only customer he had, was pleasant to deal with, quick to respond to my issues, and corrected the problem in a quick and efficient and professional manner. On a 1 to 10 rating he gets a 15. I was so impressed with the service and the repairs made I now carry Motor Trike brochures, Nichols cards and will help spread the word. Just want to thank you for the support and making the repairs. Would like to know how I can get a set of the chrome fender strips, I had them on when it was sent in for repairs. Due to being removed the backing is a little messed up and would like to replace them. Thanks again.

Richard Rantz
02 Jan 2014

I own a 1998 Harley Electra glide that was triked in 2004. In 2010 I had a problem with a striped bolt and nut on my swing arm. I called you'all and was told if I took my trike to a dealer you would fix my trike at no cost to me, I couldn't believe what I was hearing, warranty is for three years, my trike was six years old. That's when I met CA owner of C.A.'S Trikes and Trailers in Lebanon Mo. What a great dealer you have there, very professional and honest,can't say enough about CA . Just this fall I had a bearing go out in the rear end. I call CA and he tells me Motortrike will fix it at no cost to you except my labor and shipping cost. And once again I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I want to thank everyone at Motortrike for everything you do. I tell everyone my story that ask what I think about Motortrike kits they find it hard to believe. What a great company. I am very proud to have a Motortrike kit on my Harley. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Merry Christmas and Happy New Year God Bless

Randy Rhoads
18 Nov 2013

Dear Sir, Bob Bowman of Superior Trikes in Florence, S. C. just finished installing my kit and I picked it up today. I rode it home (1 1/2 hours) and I am very pleased with it. Not only do you have a top quality kit, Bob is a superior individual, both as a man and as a dealer and representative of Motor Trike. Through his workmanship and the quality of your product, Bob has ordered a kit to install in a friend of mines bike that went with me to check out your product and his work. Again, just let me say that in Bob you have a fine person representing the Motor Trike name. Respectfully, Gerald Moore

Gerald Moore
04 Oct 2013

I have a 2008 candy apple red stallion.... I love it, enter it in shows, parades, bike rides, from Arizona, Nevada, Washington, Canada and Oregon. She's a blue ribbon winner. I had only one major problem a year ago, the suspension bar broke , but was replaced with a upgrade from the factory.. Excellent service!! The big boy bikers have been more than great excepting me on their rides. Thanks Guys, being I'm my seventies is not bad at all, life is good in Oregon!

Leta Palmore
02 Oct 2013

Just wanted to take a few minutes to commend/praise/acknowledge one of your dealers to you. If they aren't your top franchise , they in my opinion should be. I bought my new trike conversion installed on my 2009 1800 a couple of years ago by them. Very happy with it. On 09/29/13 going down I 65 in Indiana one of the universals let go. I trailer-ed it to AJ Cycle in Jasper in on Monday. Andy, Curt and Ryan need to be commended for their grade A service , knowledge , personality, professional way they helped me out and got me back on the road so quickly. You have a great product and have great people in jasper working for you. Thanks to you esp Jeff and Richard for everything you and your staff have done to make my Motor Trike experience a great one. I could obviously go on and on (and I have I know) but I won't.

Denny Sell
05 Sep 2013

We have found our 2010 MT GL1800 to be the finest machine on the road! Superior ride, design, and style! We have traveled several thousand happy miles on it and cannot imagine a better trike! I would also like to say that Turn One Motorsports in Plymouth ,IN (Thanks, Jerry!) was a great dealer to work with and Hammer's Cycle Works (Dave is THE MAN!) in Preemption, IL was phenomenal to work with when we had an issue on 2012 while traveling to South Dakota!

John and Debby Potter
03 Sep 2013

I purchased a used 1996 Gold Wing with a Motor Trike kit. When I was at a GWRRA rally in NC, a dealer looked it over and saw that there was a weld that was broken. He was nice enough to take it home and fix it. In 2004 I purchased a GL1800 and had triked with a 2003 Adventure kit. Whenever I have issues with it, Motor Trike is quick to fix the problem as soon as possible. I am going to be 65 in October, and I’m planning to get a new trike next year. I went to Wing Ding in SC this year and drove the new Motor Trike, my next trike will be MOTOR TRIKE!

thomas giles
03 Sep 2013

On 12/10/10 I had massive heart attack. Two days later they amputated my left leg above knee. I thought I was done riding my 1998 road king, but big thanks to Motor Trike, I'm back in the saddle! I almost bought Cam-am, what was I thinking! Thanks again Motor Trike!

Steven Bomberger
15 Apr 2013

I started looking into my trike conversion early last year. It was at the time just a dream of mine. It was more of a want then a need. I started working on putting this dream into place and came across Motor Trike last fall. I have a 2010 Victory Crossroads and really liked the Vortex conversion. I spec’d out the conversion with Marvin at G&M Motorcycle in Fountain, Colorado and put in my order. Got the trike done in November and the first word out of my mouth was "WOW". Marvin did a super job. My wife and I love it and it sure turns a lot of heads when we are out cruising. Can't wait for some summer warm weather so we can hit the road! Hats off to Marvin at G&M Motorcycle and the folks at Motor Trike!

Mike S.
25 Jan 2013

Hi my name is Steve and I'm getting my very first trike conversion kit done through Trike My Bike in McGregor, Ontario, CANADA! So excited as I'm not getting any younger he suggested I get the Motor Trike Phoenix kit for my GL1500 1988 WING! Well I gotta share with all that my current insurance people gave me a quote today for the conversion and said it's going to increase by $200. My bike originally is worth $7000 but with the kit it's now worth $23,000.00 through my insurance! Think about it! Can't wait for Lenn to finish my bike and the season to begin because I plan on putting the ol' girl in some shows. Only because she is the first of the 1500's.

Steve B
09 Nov 2012

WOW!!! We have been waiting to give our comments and praise about our Stallion. We have over 22,000 miles on it now and LOVE it! We have been across the U.S. twice on it and extremely enjoyed every mile. Our only problem is every time we stop for gas we are there for a half hour or more answering questions, but we have met so many nice people. My new Harley ultra classic now sits at home. My wife does most of the driving and I sit with my legs stretched out and enjoy the ride. In short, we LOVE our STALLION. If you have seen us on the road we are red with the american flag painted across the sides. Thanks for the great rides you have provided us.

Randy and Bernita
22 Oct 2012

Big Bend Ride on my trike: Thanks to all the employees at Motor Trike who worked on my conversion. This 1,600+ mile ride has been my longest so far. My husband, Bill and I headed out to link up with the Alamo HOG Chapter in Big Bend. After 6 days in the saddle, my ride was still so comfortable, i did not want to come home. Everywhere we stopped I had folks gathered around checking out my trike. Best of all the other riders of trikes and 2 wheel bikes were loving it too. We are now planning our next long ride. I made the perfect choice with Motor Trike. A very happy lady rider.

Jeanie C
09 Aug 2012

It is not too often these days you can say something good about a product you have bought and the dealers that support that product but I would like to take a moment to thank several dealers as well as Motor Trike. I have a 2010 Honda Goldwing Trike. I have recently needed to have it looked at for a shift type problem. I called Motor Trike and they were great to tell me who I could go see and they did not hesitate to give this dealer a great recommendation. I also called Mitchell Family Trikes in Gatesville, Texas whom I bought the Trike from to get some help in what might be the problem and they were great to talk with me and offer their suggestion on what I needed to do. Next I called Island Trikes in Forest Grove, Or. and talked to Steve, and let me tell you straight out, this guy is great and is the real deal and knows Motor Trikes like no one else. He told me to come on out to his shop and he would look at it right then and try his best to help me out. So I went out to see Steve at his shop - he looked at the Trike and fixed in right then. The problem was fixed under Warranty and his only concern was that we get the bike fixed, ride safe, and fix it right. So I cannot say enough great things about Steve at Island Trikes in Forest Grove, Or. If you need a bike fixed or if you want to buy a new one and you are any where near the Seattle or Portland area this is the guy you need to go see and buy from. I cannot thank Steve enough at Island Trikes, this guy was great. So I can honestly recommend Motor Trike, Mitchell Family Trikes in Gatesville, Tx, and Steve at Island Trikes in Forest Grove, Or.

Gerry H
06 Aug 2012

Love the Trike! Mike and Lonnie at LM Sales in Glenwood MN are the best guys in the business! We were treated just like 'family'! I highly recommend them AND Motor Trike to anyone considering a trike conversion to their bike!

Kevin K.
26 Jun 2012

To Whom it May Concern: I recently rode across the U.S. and had the opportunity to stop by your establishment. My partner and I took a tour of your facility and was impressed with it. The reason for this e-mail is to say that I was having some difficulties with my trike (VTX1800N). I talked with your mechanic, Richard Graham, about my problems and he took a look at my bike and it turned out there were a few issues that could have terminated my trip, but he took the time to fix the problems and we were able to continue our trip. I wish to express my appreciation for this attention to detail and to express my gratitude for taking the time to make the corrections to my ride. We were able to continue our trip to Washington D.C. and return to Washington state with out any further problems. Again please express my appreciation to Richard and your staff for making it possible to complete this trip. Sincerely;

Mr. Lamm
21 May 2012

I just wanted to give a shout out to Hal at Happy Trails Motor Trike in Bishop Georgia for doing a great job on my Bike conversion to a New IRS Adventure kit. Hal was very professional and attention to detail.

Tony T.
21 May 2012

Just another thanks for the super nice treatment we recived on our arrival at the plant. Special thanks to Richard Graham for all of his help. Motor Trike kits are the best and the whole staff is part of the reason. Again thank you.

Eugene G. & Glen W.
10 May 2012

Many THANKS to Brad LaPoint at Mid-State Trikes, one the most honest and upright people I have ever met. He gave me and installed a free bumper on my new trike. It looks great, if you ever need a trike conversion please see Brad, he will treat you like every dealer should. He is a super person to deal with. Thanks Again Dave

David Z.
26 Mar 2012

Attn: Kurt Hayden at Hayden Honda (Kendallville, IN) Re: Harley Trike Conversion Kurt, Just a reflection as to our experience in converting our FLHTCU-I Harley Davidson touring bikes into trikes. I had researched the leading manufacturers of conversion kits for a number of years and narrowed the search down to what I considered the best in construction and aesthetic features. After determining what kit to purchase, we checked the list of approved installers and scheduled a day to tour the selected facilities and make a decision as to who would be our choice to install the Motor Trike Inc. kit. Our second stop on that day was a visit to Hayden Honda, and that would be out last stop. We were impressed by the facility and the no nonsense approach as you laid out scheduling and price for the conversions. Your advice on rake kits was on target, as when I rode my bike around the parking lot after it was completed, the bars wanted to take over and lead me on a fun ride at the amusement park. I installed the rake kit on my friend Donny M’s bike and wala, problem solved. During the installation, our questions were answered quickly and with genuine concern, so we knew our decision was the right one. We were welcomed into the service area to inspect the progress of the installation and were informed of some of the problems encountered during the process. Ralph, your service department head, was always ready to bring us up to date as the what was going on between MTI and your company. As our bikes would be the 1st and 2nd Harley conversions your company installed, we were informed that it may take a little longer to complete the job. My friend, Larry S., and I are excited about the new adventures the conversions opens up for riders of our age, and we will be glad to talk to any Harley owners who are considering a conversion with Hayden Honda, no matter the brand they choose. Jim O. Larry S.

Jim O.
07 Mar 2012

A customer of ours, Mr. T. Smith, left Louisa Kentucky Friday night to drive to Louisville Kentucky to spend the night. Then drive to Jasper the next morning to look at trikes. On the way to Louisville he and his wife ran into a tornado. They went to a Dairy Queen and took cover in the walk-in freezer. After the tornado passed they went outside and found their truck extremely damaged, but drivable. They drove back home Friday night, traded vehicles and drove straight to Jasper, arriving Saturday morning. He and his wife are now the proud owners of a Motor Trike living our motto, “Dream your ride - Ride your dream”. We found this to be an interesting story!

Curt Trainer, AJ Cycles
23 Feb 2012

I need to take a few minutes and share with you the exceptional service I received from “Midwest Bikes to Trikes” in Tonganoxie Kansas. I have ridden motorcycles since my teen years. My wife and I purchased a 2006 Harley Ultra. At that time I was 58 and realized the Ultra was just too darn heavy for me. Not wanting to give up my Harley, I searched for options and I soon found a dealer in the North Kansas City area and decided to have him convert my Ultra. Not knowing what to expect concerning the performance of my new trike, I did not question obvious handling issues with my new trike. I NEVER received any literature from the original builder concerning warranty or scheduled preventive maintenance. The original builder, for whatever reason, closed his business and I did some research and discovered “Midwest Bikes to Trikes”, an Authorized Motor Trike Dealer, and it was a great find! The first time I visited Dave's shop I was very impressed with the neatness, organization, and cleanliness of his shop. Initially I asked Dave to install an on-board air compressor for my air shocks, but I did mention a persistent front end wobble that I was experiencing. Dave said he would look into it. Within a few days, Dave advised me of some serious issues with the swing arm and heim joints. He requested I come by the shop and take a look at the problems. Dave showed me the major problems and explained what had to be replaced. It was his opinion that the majority of these issues may have been prevented with some basic preventive maintenance. Again, I was never advised to schedule preventive maintenance by the original builder. Dave, during the entire repair period, kept me advised of the progress through phone calls, texts, e-mails, and pictures. Not one time did I ever wonder what he was doing to my trike. Dave was able to help me get some of the major issues with my trike covered by warranty. I was so impressed with Dave, I asked him to install a Triple Tree Rake while he had my 3-wheeler. Dave's professionalism, expertise and trustworthiness are second to none. I was very fortunate to be able to find a reliable mechanic like him. In closing, I feel that Motor Trike is very fortunate to have Dave as a representative for their line of conversion kits. If the rest of your staff is of the same character as Dave, you are indeed very fortunate. Dave and “Midwest Bikes to Trikes” is MY mechanic for all my needs for my 3-wheeler. I have learned more about the mechanics and needs of my 3-wheeler since meeting Dave, than I did the first 5 years I owned my trike. Thank You.

R. Thomas
23 Jan 2012

I would recommend Motor Trike to anyone. I have had two and I am really satisfied with them. Trikes Unlimited does a fine job of installing the kits. I rode mine in 2010 to California and back. I took it to Trikes Unlimited to check it out – there wasn’t anything wrong or loose. The drive shaft coupling went bad but that is expected sometimes. Your warranty covered it and I was pleased.

Raymond E.
24 Nov 2011

Dear Motor Trike - I had a problem with my belt rubbing on my '07 Ultra Classic Motor Trike Trog conversion. I took my bike to Scott's Customs. Scott looked over my bike for some time and determined it was the swing arm bushings. I didn't have time for him to take it all apart so he adjusted the swing arm so the belt did not rub. Since adjustments are not under warranty I payed for it myself and Scott was very reasonable with his time. He is very knowledgable about Motor Trike and I would recommend him to any one. Thanks Scott! - From Ernie and Sharon P.S. - He has a real nice dog too.

Ernie G.
01 Aug 2011

Dear Jeff and Diane. My wife and I waited for well over a year, for California to decide that your conversion did not effect the emissions of our 2007 Ultra Classic Harley. Once the Air Resource Board gave you the green light, I got a call from Mike Ritchie of Big Daddy's Pull Toys, to give me the good news. Mike did a great job with the build and your factory did a fantastic job with matching the special pin stripes and the overall quality of your product. My wife and I love seeing the country on our trike and look forward to spending many years of great adventures. Everywhere we go, our trike gets attention and we get asked a lot of questions. After riding on two wheels for forty years, I now look forward to my next forty on three wheels. Thanks for a great product. Hugo and Cindy G. Lompoc California

Hugo and Cindy G.
22 Jul 2011

I took my wife’s 1800 Gold Wing with a straight axle Motor Trike conversion on The Tail of the Dragon in Tennessee with it’s 318 turns in 11 miles. As the only rider in the group on a trike, I took quite a bit of negativity about how they would have to wait on me. However, to their surprise, fellow riders on two wheelers were not able to keep up with me. One rider on a Kawasaki ZX14 told me, ‘trikes aren’t supposed to be able to do that!’ after he was unable to keep pace with me around the curves. He thought I was insane to ride like that, but the trike was stable on those turns, and a policeman found me easily running 20 mph over posted allowable speed. I did not find the limits of what the Motor Trike could do, and the way I was already riding, I wouldn’t even want to find the limits! - DH, Perkiomenville, PA, customer of Leola Motor Trike

19 Jul 2011

Dear Motor Trike, I had my 2005 Ultra Classic triked by Wayne of Blackburn’s Trikes in Medina, Ohio (http://www.blackburns-trikes.com/). The history of the Ultra – it was purchased in Tampa, Florida around Thanksgiving, 2010 and shipped to Blackburn’s in late December. I was in no hurry as we had snow up to our butts and I told Wayne to take his time. He delivered a completed trike on January 19th! What a GREAT job he does. Wayne Blackburn is a great guy and goes out of his way to make things perfect. We have put 3,000 miles on the trike already and just love it. This is my 15th motorcycle and my first 3-wheeler and I'd never go back to 2 wheels again. It is just a pleasure to ride and I get compliments every wear we go. As a matter of fact, some of my 2-wheeled rider friends said they are tired of me getting all the compliments wherever we go. Thanks for making a GREAT trike kit. I road most of the others kits before I bought one and Motor Trike’s road the best. THANKS, One happy biker in Ohio.

Bob B.
12 Jul 2011

I have owned a Motor Trike '01 Wide Glide for about 5 or 6 years I LOVE IT! I am an older woman and love to ride. Happy Riding Ella B.

Ella B.
24 May 2011

This past long weekend my wife and I took a five day trip through parts of Montana and Idaho along with 19 other friend from the GWRRA Calgary Chapter AB-A. On our second day a Friday, we were leaving Missoula, MT on our way to Lewiston, ID when my wife radioed that her bike had started making a loud banging sound and she stopped. After calling Motor Trike we had a tow truck flatbed pickup the trike and take it back to a local Honda dealership and that parts would be sent to the dealership for Monday delivery and repairs although the Honda dealership was not a Motor Trike dealer. Know that our trip would get us back to Missoula on Sunday this would work for us a possibly get us home a day late. My wife climbed on the back of my bike and we proceeded to Lewiston. Upon reaching our destination that night we had a call from Bill Shaver of Lazy Dawg Motortrikes in Olds, Alberta, the dealer that built our Goldwing Motor Trike letting us know that he was aware of our situation and he would drive the 9 hours the next day to repair the trike. The next evening we were 200 miles south of Missoula in Challis, ID and received a call from Bill letting us know that our trike ready to go. He had made arrangements with the motel he was staying at to watch the trike as we would be leaving for home two hours prior to our arrival. We picked up the trike and continued our next two days of our trip. Thanks to JD and Richard of Motor Trike and especially to Bill Shaver for the exceptional service on long weekend.

Gary & Susan P.
20 May 2011

For the past several weeks I have lurked on every TRIKE bulletin board I could find reading about the many conversions available and what the owners had to say. Over and over again I noticed how Motor Trike's support was applauded. Richard's name keeps coming up. This has got to be one super guy!! I have already had an opportunity to confirm Richard's ability and eagerness to assist us. Next week my 2006 GL1800 will be converted with the Motor Trike Adventure kit. I waffled back and forth about changing out the stock front wheel to match the Roadhawk rear wheels I'm having put on. Richard was very helpful in cementing my choice and giving me all the information I asked for. THANKS AGAIN!!

Jerry A
14 May 2011

Dear Motor Trike, On May 1st 2011, my wife Diane & I were going to a bike show. On way the there my trike started leaking rearend oil from the front seal. We got the bike home and on Monday, May 2 I called Bob Suring of Sunray Trikes out of Michigan. he said he would call Motor Trike and call me back. About an hour later he called back and told me he would be down to my house in Illinois at 8:30 am. the next day and he was on time. Between him and Motor Trike they decided to replace the rear end. Motor Trike shipped one right out to Sunray Trikes. Bob got it on Friday morning and put it right in and test drove it. Called me and told me everything was good, he was loading it to for the 4 hr drive to Illinois. I cant say enough good things about Motor Trike and their service. But without dealers like Bob Suring of Sunray Trikes it just wouldn't work. He called every day to tell me what was going on.The service at Sunray Trikes is absolutely the best and workmanship is great. Thanks to all who worked on my trike and a BIG THANK YOU to Sunray Trikes!

10 May 2011

Hi to everyone at Motor Trike and especially Richard and Bridgette, I bought my 1988 GL1500 Trike two years ago and have had questions about the drive ability since. At low speeds (40 or less) I had an annoying shake in the front wheel. I bought the Trike used so I don't know how long the Motor Trike kit has been installed. I did a complete tear down and re-painted it, while it was down to the frame I decided to tighten all the joints on it. The 3 rods that adjust the rear end and frame configuration were all loose and rattling. When I re-assembled all the fiberglass and gave it the first run I noticed the the shake was worse and there was a slight vibration it did not have previously. After several conversations with Richard he walked me through resetting all the adjustments to specs. Which I could not get from the shop where I bought the Trike from. When Motor Trike says they are there if you have any problems you can trust them to do every thing to help you with problems. Had it not been for Richard's patience and dedication I would most likely be in the market for some other Trike. Thank you so much for the great info and help Richard, Motor Trike should consider themselves lucky to have some one with your knowledge and dedication as an employee. I now love my Motor Trike Wing, sincerely

Robert T.
27 Apr 2011

I am extremely pleased to make this report on the repairs and delivery of my 2009 GL-1800 with a Motor Trike Adventure trike kit. The folks at both the dealership and factory worked hard to completely repair and deliver my Trike to me and I am 100% SATISFIED and grateful for their prompt and entirely professional handling of the entire process. All this is coming from a self-confessed and nit-picking CURMUDGEON, ME! I would not hesitate to purchase another of their products or vehicles. In fact, I highly recommend their "service after the sale" to anyone. If and when I am ready for another trike, I will definitely be checking out Rod's Power Sports in the Omaha and Lincoln cities of Nebraska (where I purchased my new Trike last September, 2010). I would like to make special mention of my gratitude to the following individuals involved in the quick turn-around of my Trike from this complicated warranty repair, with resulted in no out of pocket expenses to me: 1) Rod Y, Owner of Rod's Power Sports, Lincoln, Ne. (402)423-6230, for facilitating the entire warranty process between me and the Motor Trike Factory. Thanks, Rod. Also thank you to his trike builder and installer, Leon H, and Justin V, Manager of the facility in Omaha for picking me up at the local airport. 2) Richard G and J.D. at Motor Trike, Troup, Texas who kept me up to date on the repairs on a continuing basis, both by e-mail and land line, which I greatly appreciated. This was beyond what I expected and is the definition of customer support. Lastly, I would like to mention I drove the Trike 658 miles home (even through some snow and icy conditions) and it performed just like new, and maybe a little better!!! Thanks, guys.

Roger S
23 Apr 2011

My wife and I truly love our Motor Trike conversion on our 2007 H-D Ultra Classic, and have logged many miles. Thank you.

Mike & Elaine S.
12 Apr 2011

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best, you guys are way above the chart. Your trike is superb, your communication with past and present customers is outstanding, and your willingness to impart information and mechanical data is surprisingly frank and generous. Based on quality of product and your level of cooperation, I could not think of ever owning a different trike.

Ron T.
05 Apr 2011

We would like to thank all of the staff we met this past Friday at your factory. Although I have been there at least three other times this was one of my best ones yet. I would like to say a special thanks to the service department. We were impressed with the check over on our trike.Thanks for the rides on the Stallion and the bike with the new independent suspension. I only wish it was mine but that will have to wait a while. Again we just wanted to say Thank You.

Jim & Janet M.
07 Mar 2011

I received my chrome trim! Not only do I ride the best trike sold, it is a pleasure to do business with the nicest people in the business. Me and my Wife are 73 years young and still ride every chance we get. Thanks again to the nice lady I talked to.

Homer B.
26 Oct 2010

Jeff, It was a pleasure to meet and talk with you this year. My burnt orange GL1800 Trike got plenty of attention on my trip from NC to Key West.Plenty of comments and photos were taken. Thanks again for a comfortable riding kit.

Michael S.
19 Oct 2010

Hi Katie. Give my thanks to Richard and the members of your staff for sending a replacement drive shaft so quickly. In Pa our riding season is nearing an end and I haven't had my trike very long and we wanted to enjoy as much of the fall as possible.

Felix P
30 Sep 2010

Dear Motor Trike: We have a 2008 Honda Gold Wing GL1800 with a Motor Trike conversion on it. We'd been having a continual air leakage from the trike's air shocks. We took the trike to a Motor Trike dealer in Columbia City, IN; he fixed part of the problem, but the air leakage continued. So then, we took the trike to Hayden Honda (Kendallville, IN), and the staff at Hayden Honda was able to finally identify the source of the air leakage problem -- it needed a new air shock. We just wanted to say "THANK YOU" to you for sending the new replacement air shock to Hayden Honda in such a timely manner. Once Hayden Honda received the air shock, they set up an appointment for us and installed the new air shock. Our trike finally is not leaking air in the air shocks. It's a pleasure to ride our trike and not have to worry about an air leakage. We are quite satisfied with our original Motor Trike dealer,Mitchell Family Motor Trikes (Travis & Justin Mitchell), but they are in Texas, and we're here in Indiana. So, we are very pleased with Hayden Honda and are excited that we now have a reliable Motor Trike dealership within a 45-mile drive from our home to handle any recall and/or warranty work. Sincerely,

Janice & Chip N
03 Aug 2010

To Whom It May Concern, On our recent trip to the West Coast and back to Pa. and all points of interest in between, we experienced a rare breakdown with our new motor trike. Our air compressor quit working. This condition was noticed as we were coming out of the Rocky Mountain National Park. That evening I called Mid-State Trikes in Trumensburg NY. Brad told me to hang loose, not to get excited and that I had made the right call. He got on his laptop and found 2 dealers along interstate 70 in which I was headed for to take care of the problem. In Great Bend Kansas L&L Motorsports and Mid-West Bikes to Trikes in Leavonworth Kansas both of which were very eager to help me with this situation. One of whom, was even ready to jump in the truck and come and get me.I chose to go to Great Bend at which time the doors were open for me. After a final checkout it was determined the compressor was bad. At this time I chose to have them put an air fitting in the system so as I could pump it up myself when needed. At this time I would like you to thank these dealers for all of their efforts in helping me and my wife to finish our 8,000 mile trip on our new motor trike. We enjoyed the trip and our motor trike. We got a lot of positive comments on our bike along the way. Thank you so much.

Howard and Linea S
19 Jul 2010

Dear Motor Trike, I want to thank you and Motor Trike for the beautiful conversion you did on my 2000 Road King in May. We are so pleased with it and can"t count the number of complements we have received on it. A couple of friends of mine told me about Motor Trike and I am glad they did. Can't believe how well the color match came out. My wifes aid that this is a KEEPER when she saw it. Thanks again and God bless.

Wayne F.
17 Jul 2010

Dear Motor Trike, Just a quick note to say thank you to Motor Trike and esp. to Richard (sr) for fixing my drive shaft on a no notice walk in repair. I arrived at 0945 Monday after driving up from Corpus Christi and all tho every one was pretty busy Richard got me in and replaced a bad drive shaft on my trike and had me out the door by noon and home at 7:30 that night. Great service. See you guys at Killeen this week end. Thanks again

Bill P.
28 Jun 2010

Dear Motor Trike, Just wanted to say thank you, I dropped off my rocket 111 last Friday 6-18-10, I was even directed where to go by your lawn person ,very nice man. Then was met by another gentleman who helped to unload the bike, And a very nice friendly person named Jessica showed myself and my elderly father around your plant, she took her time with us and answered all questions we threw at her, also every one we came in contact with was equally polite and friendly, just wanted to drop you a little note to say it was a real pleasure meeting your staff, and I am waiting anxiously to get to ride my new trike. Thanks again

Larry H.
23 Apr 2010

Dear MotorTrike, I drove to your plant this morning (Friday) from Waxahachie and took the tour. Everyone was very friendly and informative. I recently purchased the IRS kit for my 09 Wing and your people were very willing to answer any and all questions. The entire process was well explained, well organized, very clean and gave me even more confidence that I have made the right decision to go with MotorTrike. Well Done!

Alan O.
08 Mar 2010

Sirs, I purchased your Spyder Trike Kit in 2008 on a new 2008 GL1800 from Mitchell's Family Motor Trikes in Gatesville, Tx. Then this past month, I had Mitchell's Trikes change out my Motor Trike Spyder Kit to your new Independent Suspension Kit. I was thinking I was doing this primarily to get a larger door on my trunk which would enable me to put a helmet in the lower trunk. Boy was I wrong! I never dreamed a ride could be so smooth. And if you think I am pleased with it, you should hear my wife. With the old MotorTrike kit (non-independent suspension) when we were coming up on a railroad track crossing, my wife would raise herself up off thes eat with her legs to prevent the bike bouncing her so hard when we went across. Well, no more. You barely realize when you cross the tracks. Much, much smoother ride. We both couldn't be happier. Thank you Motor Trike! Great job! Thank you,

Hubert J.
02 Jan 2010

To one and all involved in the production of the IRS kit. I thank you for your engineering, production, and quality control. This kit was received @ Trike Toys in Henderson Nevada on the 18th of December. Shortly thereafter, the new kit begin its integration with my GL1800. More than once I was down at the shop taking pictures, asking questions, and getting assurance from a Mr. Rick Hillis. Prior to this event starting, I had been in talking to the men @ TrikeToys. Mr. Hillis helped me with all of my questions, explaining he had been to your plant and was knowledgeable with the IRS. As time passed, questions were answered, and we struck a deal. Just today I was able to drive my new trike home. Mr. Hillis insured that each and every nut and bolt was "just so"... Looking over this very carefully, the fit and finish the Mr. Hillis demanded, and was provided by your kit proved to be something I am very proud of. I have had the pleasure of already giving neighbors and my mother, (nearly90), a spin around the block. With just a press of the air compressor, the ride is compensated for the additional weight. Truly outstanding. It is important for me that you, Motor Trike, is aware that your professional relationship and training with Mr. Rick Hillis @Motorcycle/Trike Toys is a feather in your hat. He did an outstanding job in a timely manner. No question went unanswered. If anything does require attention on this kit, I have absolutely no problem dealing with Mr. Hillis. Thank you, One & All,

Richard W.
16 Dec 2009

Dear Jeff & Diane, This is my first Goldwing, so why not do it right and trike it. I purchased the bike and kit from Honda of Winston-Salem in N. C. The staff was knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. Be proud of the workmanship for fit and finish, I am glad to be a rolling billboard for you. Hope to get to Texas in 2010 to see the plant. Keep up the good work. Sincerely,

Michael S.
10 Jul 2009

Dear Mr. Vey, I want to thank Motor Trike for providing me the name of Good Fellows Bike Repairs, LLC in Midland. VA. Leroy Greene and his mechanic Gris are not only calm, patient and friendly but also very knowledgeable When I called your company I was told to approach Good Fellows. They had to take out the axle and replace it with a brand-new one yourc ompany shipped within three days. This kind of action is rare! It is also exceptional that Leroy and Gris called me and explained in detail what they are going to do. In addition theyf inished the job on time! You should put this company on the top of your list when it comes to build or repair a Motor Trike. I promise you customers will be as satisfied as I am. And by the way the shop is only one hour south of Washington D.C. Sincerely,

Gunnar S.B.
09 Apr 2009

Katie, I wanted to let you know that I just got back from your wonderful Motor Trike plant in Troup and that Dennis, Suzi and the entire staff took terrific care of me. I brought in my trike around11:00 this morning and everyone jumped right on my leaning problem, helped un-trailer my trike, fixed my issues and had us on the road again within an hour. Kudos to your GREAT team and staff for their attention to detail and support. Suzi was her wonderful and helpful self even though she was busy. Dennis and the Service Department could not have been more attentive, informative and professional! Thank you and everyone there for your Customer Service... Your Company is the BEST and stands for what America and all Companies should strive to be like! GOD Bless,

Stephen Y.
06 Apr 2009

Dear Motor Trike, Just wanted to send you a short email regarding my recent purchase. In March I decided to have a trike built and did some basic research on the web and came across your website. Living in New Jersey I contacted Ace Motor works in West Berlin NJ. I took some time to drive down and meet Jeff Miller @ his shop to discuss what I wanted. He went over the details of your product and the timeline to complete the bike. I purchased a new Honda VTX 1800 and had it delivered to Jeff's shop. My only concern was the color scheme on the kit. The bike is a two tone paint with factory pinstriping. Jeff assured me that I would be satisfied with the outcome. I picked the bike up this past Saturday and to say I was satisfied would be an understatement. The fit and finish was better than a factory job. Jeff's installation was perfect. His attention to detail and customer satisfaction is second to none.You should be proud to have him as a part of your dealer network. Feel free to use me as a contact in New Jersey if you have any new customers that would like to see what a finished product looks like. Again I would like too say Thanks to Jeff and his crew for a job well done.. Sincerely,

Dave E.
03 Apr 2009

Jeffrey, I met you last October during Biketoberfest in Daytona, FL. After riding the Harley-Davidson TriGlide at the racetrack, I was anxious to ride a Motortrike on an Electra chassis. You arranged for me to test ride a 2009 Ultra Classic Motortrike conversion at the your Beach Street shop, where I met Russell and Libby. I was favorably impressed with the test ride, as well as Russell and Libby, and I made arrangements with them to have my 2008 ElectraGlide Standard converted. The conversion was completed February3, 2009, and I was sincerely impressed by Russell's workmanship. Both Russell and Libby represent your company extremely well. Since the conversion, I have added more than 2400 miles to the odometer. I have taken the trike on a trip to Georgia from my home in Fort Myers, FL, to visit my daughters as well as the ride to Daytona for bike week where, I am sorry to say, I was not able to tell you this personnaly, as you were involved in an all day meeting. The more I ride, the more I enjoy the ride. The initial learning curve of steering rather than leaning into turns has been overcome, and I look forward to many more miles. The current plans for my wife Teri and I are to ride to the Leesburg (FL)Bikefest, the Myrtle Beach Spring Rally, the Laconia Bike Week, the Key West Bike Week, the Myrle Beach Fall Rally, and finally Biketoberfest, as well as any other events that might catch our fancy. Finally,I want to again express my appreciation for the job well done by Russell. I hope to catch up with you at some futureevent. Sincerely,

John V. L.
23 Jan 2009

Hi, Thought you might be interested in seeing a picture of my V-Rod with your trike installed. The photo was taken the day installation was completed at RAW Performance in Crabtree PA. We rode it to a car/bike show about 2 miles away and took a second place trophy. RAW did an exceptional job on the conversion. I am extremely pleased. Thanks,

Alan B.
20 Jan 2009

Dear Jeff & Diane, My wife and I waited for well over a year for California's Air Resource Board to decide that your conversion did not alter the emissions of our 2007 Harley Ultra Classic. Once California came to it's senses, I got a call from Mike Ritchie of Big Daddy's Pull Toys, to give me the good news. Mike did a great job with the build and was a pleasure to work with. Your factory did a great job as well, matching the special pin stripes of the Special Edition Ultra, as well as the overall great quality of your product. Wherever we go, we get compliments and questions. My wife and I love seeing our country on our Trike and look forward to many, many years of adventures. I have spent forty years riding on two wheels. Now I look forward to the next forty on three. Thanks again for a fabulous product. Just like a Harley, it was worth the wait.

Hugo and Cindy G.