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Motor Trike Announces Trike for 2018 Honda Gold Wing Motorcycle Models

2018-06-05: For Immediate Release

(TROUP, Texas) Motor Trike, Inc. announces the release of its latest trike conversion kit for 2018 Gold Wing models. The Motor Trike “Condor” is an Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) kit, marking the fifth Motor Trike IRS conversion for the range of Gold Wing motorcycles. Motor Trike highlights that the Condor is the exclamation point on an impressive line of trike conversions for the Gold Wing, exemplifying Motor Trike’s commitment to fulfilling its customers’ needs.

The Condor also marks the first time that riders will have options for either an automatic transmission (DCT) or a traditional manual transmission on a trike conversion for their Gold Wing bikes. “This is what you get when you combine the world’s best performing touring motorcycle with the world’s best trike company,” said Motor Trike’s J.D. Vey.

Motor Trike R&D raised its signature engineering standards for the Condor with technical improvements that go hand-in-hand with the new motorcycle’s specifications. However, Motor Trike maintained Gold Wing vehicle systems that it knew riders valued—such as ABS and OEM electronic trunk release. The company also maintained the OEM saddlebag open indicators but adapted it for the trunk door. Motor Trike emphasized a seamless front-to-back end design, matching body lines to create a conversion kit with forward design elements.

With the launch of the Condor, Motor Trike is now making IRS conversions covering three generations of Gold Wing bikes and 31 model years, offering a trike conversion for all Gold Wing riders. “This is an amazing machine, with both handling and comfort,” said Vey.

Motor Trike is currently taking orders for the Condor at an introductory price of $7,999.99 per conversion kit, for a limited time. All trike kits include Motor Trike’s three-year/60,000-mile warranty.

The Condor is available through Authorized Motor Trike Dealers. Customers may locate their nearest dealers to order:

The Motor Trike Condor will be on display at the Americade Motorcycle Rally (June 4 - 9).

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NEW Motor Trike Condor Conversion Kit NEW Motor Trike Condor Conversion Kit NEW Motor Trike Condor Conversion Kit

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